Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Wilson Power Washing LLC

You would be amazed at how many questions we get from customers about pressure washing. Both existing and new customers are always curious to know what it is that we do, and of course, with good reason; we're cleaning their house! So it’s only natural to inquire about what a pressure washing company is planning on doing to the place where you and your family lay your head; not to mention, you want to make sure they know what they're doing.

In other cases, some customers just want to inquire so that they are knowledgeable about the profession and our particular services; they may even have a friend or relative that they wish to refer to us. Knowing more about our services will make it easier for existing customers to talk us up to new customers. Usually, we find that these are the most frequently asked questions that customers have for us.

How Often Should I Get My House Washed?

It can be challenging to know precisely how often to wash the outside of your home. Most of the time, simply looking at your house will tell you when the time for a good scrub down is needed. Run your finger along with the siding. If a lot of dirt is present, or your house just looks dirty, set up an appointment with your professional pressure washer cleaner. You may also want to consider a pressure washing appointment if:

  • If your home is located on or near a dirt road, you may need to pressure wash your house every few months, especially during dry periods.
  • If your home is located near a lot of trees, then you might need to watch out for sap build-up.
  • After a big storm, high winds bring in more dirt and debris, causing your home to look dirtier.
  • Check your house during rainy weather when it is either hot or humid. Rain is full of dirt, which can leave your home looking dull. Hot and humid weather can also make your house’s exterior more vulnerable to mold and mildew growth. Watch for signs of both and pressure wash as soon as you notice any mold.

If you find any of these symptoms, immediately set up a house washing appointment with Wilson Power Washing LLC as soon as possible.

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

Yes, it does. Our trained professionals can help treat oil and grease stains by pre-treating the area with a biodegradable degreaser. This enzyme-based product literally "eats away" at oil hydrocarbons while it dwells. We then pressure wash the area with hot water and let it dry. Once dry, we apply oil-out powder, which continues to absorb oil and mask remaining spots.

What’s The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

This is the question that many homeowners have when they think about saving money and consider doing the pressure washing. The truth is, pressure washing can be very complex and dangerous. The first step is finding a pressure washer that is suitable for your house's needs. Depending on if you need lights or heavy exterior cleaning, you may need to consider purchasing either a consumer-grade or commercial grade pressure washer. And that will take some time and research that can eventually become a headache in itself.

You also have to remember that a pressure washer is nearly 50 times stronger than your average garden hose. The pressurized stream of water can cut through many different materials, including heavy-duty boots. If you get distracted or lose control of the hose, you may find yourself with a large hospital bill instead of a clean house.

Then there’s the process. Besides possessing the ability to cut yourself seriously, pressure washers also can ruin your house. If you don’t apply pressure evenly, you might end up breaking seals or blasting the paint off your siding.

On the other hand, with a professional pressure washing service, you can count on experts who know what they're doing. They will have the expertise to use the correct equipment for the job and knowledge of when to change the water pressure based on the materials. And with them, the odds are smaller that there will be property damage or personal injuries.

At Wilson Power Washing LLC, we offer safe and thorough pressure washing services to suit your various pressure washing needs. So you’re looking for the best pressure washing in Wilmington, call us today for a consultation and estimate.

Are Your Cleaning Methods Or Chemicals Environmentally Safe?

We’ve found several environmentally friendly ways to make pressure washing more effective during our short time in the pressure washing business. Oil, grease, grime, mildew, rust stains, bird droppings—you name it. While we never know what stains will pop up next, we can use a pressure washer to remove them; especially when we combine a high-pressure stream with a suitable detergent. Our experts combine the finest biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaners to produce excellent results.

Whether you need house washing or driveway cleaning, Wilson Power Washing LLC can provide you many pressure washing options for your home or commercial property. If you’re looking for the best pressure washing in Wilmington, please call Wilson Power Washing LLC at 910-880-9668 for a free consultation and an estimate.


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